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Freedom – Lady!Verse

We can help you find a Guide, Captain, even if you aren’t ready to settle on someone I’m sure we could arrange something.

Hard Truths -Lady!Verse

“Please state your name for the record.”

Lady sing the blues

The unedited, straight from Rough Trade version!  

Demigods of the modern mythos

Demigods of the modern mythos: How evolved man creates tales of wonder By Dr James McGivern (Oxford College Press) Chapter 1 William McGivern of the Highland Light Infantry 16th Battalion (The Glasgow boys brigade) was 20 when his battalion was ordered to gain possession of the Leipzig Redoubt on the 1st July 1916. They went …

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You Can’t Go Back Fanvid

You Can’t Go Back – view in HD please.

You Can’t Weld a Body – Part Two

Part two Steve curled his fingers into the stretched tight undershirt as he waited for the doctors to prod him over to the next exam. Colonel Philips was leaning by the door, arms folded and his ever-present frown particularly deep, as he waited for the doctors to declare themselves done. “Sir, do you know what …

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You Can’t Weld a Body – Part One

Part One Georgie slammed a fist into Steve’s face, careful to avoid breaking anything, and waited as he crashed into the wall at the end of the alley. She sighed and rolled her eyes as the skinny man spat blood onto the filthy alley floor, pulled his hands back up, and rolled his shoulders before …

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