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Canned Air

Fandom:The Martian
Word Count:2000

Freedom – Lady!Verse

We can help you find a Guide, Captain, even if you aren’t ready to settle on someone I’m sure we could arrange something.

Hard Truths -Lady!Verse

“Please state your name for the record.”

Lady sing the blues

The unedited, straight from Rough Trade version!  

EAD-Restoration Episode 1

A letter hardly seemed like something that should cause your heart to pound in your chest and your lungs seize, breath tight and painful, and yet that was the position Bucky found himself in.  The kettle let out a warning whistle as it came up to boiling and creak came  from the bedroom as Steve …

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“Lock it up and add it to the list. Let’s move the quarantine zone out to 20 meters from this location” Rodney sighed into the built-in mic of his suit. He dropped the contaminated med kit onto the top of the bar and, as the rest of the CDC team filed out, he reached in …

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Hypocritical actions – Part Two

Kara huddled into the pilot seat of the Raptor as they coasted towards Caprica, running on silent and letting momentum get them as close to the planet as possible. Beside her Helo was leaning into the side of the cockpit, politely ignoring her attempts to nap, the last 48 hours of chaos keeping her from …

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Hypocritical actions – Part One

Kara shifted uncomfortably in her dress uniform as the crew assembled. Years of hurry up and wait having failed to train the twitchy need to do something out of her. She rocked up on to the ball of her left foot a little before dropping back down on to the slightly too stiff heel of …

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EAD- Janus’ Gift

Title: Janus’ Gift (excerpt) Fandom/Genre: SGA With our very creation of the wraith we had cursed the last hold outs of our primeval, feral history to become nothing more than a crazed version of our ancient forbearers. As the Wraith spread like a virulent disease that we could not control we though that we could …

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EAD – Antithetical Theory

Title: Antithetical Theory Fandom/Genre: Criminal Minds/Sentinel and Guide Relationship(s):Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan Content Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Canon level violence and hate crimes Summary: When a case involving Sentinels and Guides gets handed to the BAU they find their absent colleague, Dr Spencer Reid, wrapped up right in the centre of it