Freedom – Lady!Verse

Title: Freedom

Author: PickingupEllen

Fandom: MCU/Sentinel

Warnings: None

Word count: 333

Inspiration: Dominance Prompt (the Big Short over on Rough Trade)

“We can help you find a Guide, Captain, even if you aren’t ready to settle on someone I’m sure we could arrange something. Let us help to ease this recklessness.” The representative from the Sentinel and Guide support centre said to him when they finally worked their way into his hospital room.
“With respect, I told the doctor that I wasn’t interested in meeting with you,” Steve said as he finished packing his duffle. He tossed it over his shoulder, ignoring the twinge of healing wounds deep in his chest, and squeezed out of the room without touching the man attempting to block the door.
Steve made his way out of the building and sighed at the sight of a motorbike parked in the dead centre of the ambulance bay. The custom paint job in the moody Red, White and Blue of his stealth suit making its intended owner clear.
“Enjoy some freedom Cap, see ya when duty calls. Stark” the note taped to the top of the matching helmet declared. Steve crumpled it and dropped it to the floor, tugging on the helmet as he kicked the bike upright.
He drove for hours, the city disappearing behind him, the road winding ahead and up into the mountains. When the sun began to rise he ran out of road and ditched the bike. He ran until the path petered out then climbed, kicking off his boots when they kept him from gripping the rock face and climbing on.
He stood on the edge of the highest peak for as far as the eye could see, his toes curling over the very edge with nothing below him but air and distant rock.
He spread his arms and let the wind blow around him. Head tilted back he breathed in a deep lungful of fresh cold air.
He reached out to the world and at the faintest glimpse of a touch against his mind he whispered,
“This isn’t the end of the line, Buck.”