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You Can’t Weld a Body

You can't weld a body

Fandom/Genre:Captain America
Relationship(s): Steve/Bucky
Content Rating: R
Warnings: N/A

Written as part of Rough Trade July 2015 so a big thanks to Keira Marcos for the safe space!
Beta by Helen Luis (Bindingdiva)

Steven Grant Rogers comes from a long line of Guides but he was born to be a Sentinel
At 5 he is infected with scarlet fever.
By 6 a long list of infections have robbed him of most of his hearing.
He hits 7 as his spine twists and his hips cant.
For his 8th birthday Death visits but gifts him with life.
An 11 year old Steve meets James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes, a boy from a long line of Normals who burst online as a Guide when Steve waded into a fight.
15 arrives and, when not even his mother’s death proves enough of a stressor, Steve is written off as Dormant. James vows that he will never leave his side, that he will wait forever for Steve.

The years crawl by in a mix of scraping by and sickness. War overtakes Europe and then the world, every ‘strong backed man and healthy Sentinel’ is called to defend the world. But Steve, desperate to join up, is repeatedly turned down even as ‘his’ Guide is conscripted. By time Bucky returns from boot camp Steve is ready to do anything to join him. Even if it means losing control of his own body.

BuckyJames ‘Bucky’ Barnes

SteveSteve Rodgers

You Can’t go Back

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