Evil Author Day!

Evil Author Day happens every year on the 15th of February, I don’t really know who started it and I can’t be bothered to check, but let’s blame Keira for getting me involved and move on.

Works that are put up as part of EAD may be finished this year, next year or never. The whole idea of EAD is that you get a taste of which works writers have been working on before it reaches a point where they want to start sharing it as a finished story. Please don’t harass or bother authors about things that have been posted during EAD (actually be a good fandom citizen and don’t harass authors at all! Ever).

Other participants have been listed by much more organised people in fandom such as Jilly who has a list of links over HERE.

Restoration (Episode 1) Captain America

Lady sing the blues Captain America (warnings: temporary character death and canon-level violence (we’re in a war chaps!))

Antithetical theory  Criminal minds

Excerpt – Janus’ Gift  Stargate Atlantis

Excerpt – Feathers on the Waves Warning -Mutants are treated as subhuman by people from certain countries, discussion of rape (not of a main character)

Last chapter of book one of The Flight of Icarus

Excerpt – Nebulae and Novae Act One Warning – Evan is Carson’s soulmate and Sunday happened in this ‘verse

This fits with Exhale and Inhale... it’s a prequel with time travel.

Working title – The Badass Hobbit Crossover of SQUEE! – Wherein I take the books “The Hobbit” and “Sabriel” and smash the plots into each other while making happy, excited noises!

Smaug the cat

AU of my AU Mutant!Verse – This is an AU of my mutant!verse. The US government is evil and enslaves mutants. David and Elizabeth are BADASS rights activists. In the original verse David dies and Elizabeth later gives John some of David’s stuff. I needed to explain how David and Elizabeth knew each other so I wrote a short and made myself cry so I wrote an AU to make it better.

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