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Exhale and Inhale

exhale and inhale verse

Series summary

In a universe where a small minority of the population are born with the ability to bond with a mentally compatible partner, would you spend your life waiting and hoping or presuming and avoiding?

John Sheppard’s father had a soulmate, his grandfather had one, his great-grandfather had one, his great great-grandfather… John knows exactly what this ‘gift’ can mean and he has spent his whole life avoiding touch to avoid the bond. Rodney Mckay is not used to being ignored and he is not an easy man to avoid once he decides that you are his.

Evan Lorne grew up with a dreamer for a mother, she lulled him to sleep with tales of great love and comforted his broken teenage heart with promises of his one true mate. Evan goes out of his way to meet as many people as possible but at nearly 30 he gives up on the dream and signs up for a one way trip to another galaxy. The last thing he expected was to quite literally fall over his soulmate on his way through the Stargate.

‘Exhale and Inhale’ comes from ‘Feather Moon’ by Vienna Teng.

Decisions and Moments – Carson Beckett/Evan Lorne

Exhale and Inhale – John Sheppard/ Rodney Mckay

Nebulae and Novae – John Sheppard/Rodney Mckay, Carson Beckett/Evan Lorne

John Sheppard
Colonel John
Sheppard-Mckay USAF

Doctor Rodney

Lieutenant Colonel Evan
Lorne USAF

Doctor Carson Beckett
Varsh of the Shipless
Doctor Elizabeth Weir

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