Modern Mythos

What if rather than the Ancient DNA slowly getting bred out of the human race it began to alter humans and gave them Ancient like gifts as they mutated into an entirely new version of humanity.

General world building:
Demigods of the modern mythos: How evolved man creates tales of wonder – The story of the ‘first’ mutant

Hindsight – The final thought of the man who established the Companies and Mutant Control Programme

Torn – You never stop wanting to protect your children, not even when the whole world tells you that they are not worthy of a hint of affection.

Alone, at last – “The aptitude results are in, Sheppard. Flight School starts on the 3rd.”

Freedom – At 20 something John does not discover alcohol or a love of mathematics. He discovers there is something in flight that is truly freedom.

Hello again… -Steal a chopper, steal a god damn plane, steal your fucking life back’ he wanted to shout,  ‘Everyone deserves a life and believe me most places in the world would give it to you. You’re one of a kind, never been anyone like you! Christ, governments would start wars to free you, if you would just damn well ask.‘

CrashThe water is cold and deep, every second breath was taken half under water. He can’t hear anything, except for his own breath but even that is dulled like the walls of the box are absorbing it…

“If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?” -This is a response to a challenge over on Different Roads.

Aphenphosmphobia– -This is a response to a challenge over on Different Roads.

Flight of Icarus – Stargate Atlantis (currently being rewritten as part of RoughTrade’s November challenge)

As Atlas Crumbled – Marvel