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Exhale and Inhale

M5R-697 – 0850AST “… It’s not like they won’t come for me! We all saw you. I can hear Ronon right behind us, if you let me go I swear that I’ll convince him and my husband, my probably very pissed off and dangerous husband, to not kill you both. You must have heard of …

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Alone, at last

When the news comes the world buckles.Beneath him the ground flexes and tips him to his knees.The vista of feet before him twists and melts.His heart throbs an uneven beat, leaving him clinging to his chest.Breath, the great traitor, flees leaving him gasping.His lungs burn and his eyes slide shut onto a watery cushion.Words are …

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“If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?”

Daedalus , Communal gym. Original Departure date + 27.5 weeks A gloved hand slams into his face and John stumbles back straight in to a solid body. He’s grasped tight and held as the marine in front of him pummels his chest with blow after blow. John lashes out backwards with his feet knocking the marine …

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Katie. He’d tried to save her. He’d risked everything to get her help. He’d cried and begged but in the end she was still dead. She had died of something he couldn’t control, something that he couldn’t stop and however he tried to forget that was what he remembered. Torchwood changed him, patching over his …

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Talking “No one thought we would last, I was too messy for her always dropping stuff and leaving it. Used to drive her mad.” “Did that change?” “Yeah when I moved in, I’d always had rituals I suppose cleaning just became a new one.” “How long did you two go out for?” “3 years. Lived …

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Tears   Sometimes the tears come and she doesn’t even know what she is crying about. It’s like a wave of tiredness and grief that has no relevance to anything around her arrives. She thinks that she is losing her mind. Then she remembers. Sometimes the tears come and she sees the past. Memories of …

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Ice Cream

Ice Cream   He liked his ice cream hard always eating from the inside out daintily rolling tiny coils on to the tip of the spoon. She only ate it soft waiting for it to melt and slowly scooping out the edges, in huge squishy blobs, as it melted. Eventually they would meet on the …

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Dragons When Tosh first arrived at Torchwood she was claustrophobic, prisoners’ mental health hardly being top of the agenda in UNIT’s maximum security compound. The level between the archives and the cells contains a housing block, a remnant of stricter times; Tosh lived there for a time healing. To her the dragon had always been …

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