Madness in Me – Winter soldier Fanvid


I really think this song (Madness in Me by Skillet) fits the headspace the Winter Soldier has throughout the film (I have a mission, let everything burn, mixed with moments of I remember being something more.

The change of pace at the end of the track reflects the confusion, pain and (to a degree) fear Bucky is going through as he remembers who he was before the war.


    • iadorespike on August 14, 2015 at 19:22

    This was wonderful, and fully encompasses the sadness that, to me, was inherent in The Winter Story. Poor Bucky. Poor Steve. nicely done.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks.
      For me it was the confusion, fear and the realisation of the loss of autonomy Bucky must have felt in the moments when the conditioning began to break but he was still acting under Hydra’s orders. To be trapped in your own mind, watching yourself murdering people, your best friend, and not being able to break through and stop… It was gut wrenching when I watched the film and the further I get into writing/playing with the character the more horrified and saddened I am by it.

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