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Aug 20

Flight of Icarus – The Sky is Surely Open

Chapter 2 (OK, so same as with the last chapter I will be adding sections to this post as I finish them. This is a reference post for me for now) “Lets all remember their pièce de résistance where they ascended to a higher plane of existence so they could watch the life that they …

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Jan 03

Flight of Icarus – Between Extremes

This is the actual first chapter of this epic that has taken over my brain. “You broke him! Beckett said he had a strong gene and you broke his brain. Aren’t you just the stereotype a marine who breaks anything, or apparently anyone, that is more valuable, useful or remotely more purposeful than him. Couldn’t …

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Oct 02


Rodney returns opening the door to find Carson reading some medical book with John flattened between him and the wall. His shoulder is resting on Carson’s hip, face down, his head resting on Carson stomach. Quiet words pass between them, not a conversation as such more a verbal reassurance to both of them. Rodney clears …

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Jan 15


There is a freedom in flight, a freedom that John has never felt before. In childhood he was trapped by his mother’s illness and as a teenager by the military. It is now, in the years that most learn how to ply their trade, go to university and complain that freedom is gone, that John …

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Nov 10


It takes a full ten minutes to reach the bottom of the shaft. Ten minutes alone in a steel coated, lead-lined box. By time he was half way down John was reaching out mentally to find someone, anyone, a single string of emotion. By the bottom John was shaking with the need to connect. He …

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Oct 14

Hello Again…

As John walked through the halls towards the flight deck he let his mind flick over the order he had just been given for hints of who he was going to find next to the ‘chopper, “Sheppard! Flight orders out to the outpost, come on, haul ass. You don’t wanna keep the general waiting” Jenson …

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Aug 18

Kink Bingo Sensory Deprivation

Title – Unexpected, Kink – Sensory Deprivation, Pairing- Carson/Grodin, Fandom – SGA, Rating – M With a gasp of pleasure Peter arched his hips up away from the hand pushing up under his back, his wrists and ankles pulled against strong leather restraints reminding him of the lack of give in them. His head pressed …

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