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Jun 11


This is part of my Mutant!AU ‘Flight of Icarus’ it fits in before the main story and happen’s just before ‘Alone, at last’. – – – “Whatever he might be to you, Frank, he’s  still my son!” The General hissed, the door to his office clattering shut as his Sargent reacted to the change of …

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Aug 16

Flight of Icarus – To Travel the Sky

Chapter 3 – Flight of Icarus(main story page) Note- I started writing this in 2010… I was harassed when I first started posting it because it is a dystopian mutant!verse. This was the story that made me stop posting my stories online, it remains the only story I have seriously considered deleting entirely, from the …

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Feb 15

The Flight of Icarus an AU of the AU

This is an AU of my Mutant!AU. I had this whole short written out for how David dies. Then I reached the point where I had to kill him and I went “NOOO, it’s too mean I can’t kill David!” and so I wrote an AU version where he succeeds. “David” Elizabeth signed as she …

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Jan 12

Find Someone to Carry You 6

Chapter 6 “Sirius Black, the bench of Peers has called doubt upon your ability to raise a peer of the realm to the standard our fine isle deserves. Having reviewed your social and family alignment, your state of employment and your education, in every respect. The Wizangamot will now vote on whether you shall be …

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Aug 08

Alone, at last

When the news comes the world buckles.Beneath him the ground flexes and tips him to his knees.The vista of feet before him twists and melts.His heart throbs an uneven beat, leaving him clinging to his chest.Breath, the great traitor, flees leaving him gasping.His lungs burn and his eyes slide shut onto a watery cushion.Words are …

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Aug 08

“If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?”

Daedalus , Communal gym. Original Departure date + 27.5 weeks A gloved hand slams into his face and John stumbles back straight in to a solid body. He’s grasped tight and held as the marine in front of him pummels his chest with blow after blow. John lashes out backwards with his feet knocking the marine …

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Aug 20

Flight of Icarus – The Sky is Surely Open

Chapter 2 (OK, so same as with the last chapter I will be adding sections to this post as I finish them. This is a reference post for me for now) “Lets all remember their pièce de résistance where they ascended to a higher plane of existence so they could watch the life that they …

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Jan 03

Flight of Icarus – Between Extremes

This is the actual first chapter of this epic that has taken over my brain. “You broke him! Beckett said he had a strong gene and you broke his brain. Aren’t you just the stereotype a marine who breaks anything, or apparently anyone, that is more valuable, useful or remotely more purposeful than him. Couldn’t …

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Oct 02


Rodney returns opening the door to find Carson reading some medical book with John flattened between him and the wall. His shoulder is resting on Carson’s hip, face down, his head resting on Carson stomach. Quiet words pass between them, not a conversation as such more a verbal reassurance to both of them. Rodney clears …

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Nov 10


It takes a full ten minutes to reach the bottom of the shaft. Ten minutes alone in a steel coated, lead-lined box. By time he was half way down John was reaching out mentally to find someone, anyone, a single string of emotion. By the bottom John was shaking with the need to connect. He …

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