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Apr 11

I See Fire – Art for Reverse Big Bang 2016

My art was claimed by the wonderful Melegan who was inspired to write “The Quantity of a Whole”. Pairing(s):Vague hints of John/Rodney and Ronon/OC Rating:PG Warnings:Canon level violence. Summary: Everyone works together when Ronon reveals his plan to destroy a Hive ship. Link to fic: on AO3 Original art- Banner –

Feb 19


Feb 18

The great debate

To post or not to post. the real answer is that I shouldn’t post any of my nano, it desperatly needs a beta and a few re-writes but I have lost momnetum on it and I’m not really sure that it makes a huge amount of sense. the story makes sence the lot makes sense …

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Aug 15

Kink bingo-athon is due to start…

please all take your seats and keep all limbs and possesions out of the arena. Yes I have my kink bingo card….

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Jul 23

I never named this…

John rests his forehead on McKay’s shoulder, hands drift down to his thigh. Sliding roughly on sweat slick crease, the gun callused hand moves upwards. Over softly curving stomach, finely muscled abs, His hand arches. Just tips of the fingers, oh so gently, walking up the centre of the sternum. Falling into the dip at …

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