PickingupEllen is a fanfiction writer and fanartist from Scotland who no longer lives in the sticks.

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Kink bingo-athon is due to start…

please all take your seats and keep all limbs and possesions out of the arena. Yes I have my kink bingo card….

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Pre-NaNoWriMo Pt 2…

So my current plan is to write a SGA/X-men fusion, OK sound slightly crazy? Yeah well not as mad as some of the stuff I’ve written or co-written (right Dave?). Anyway its set in the SGA world but with mutants, Mutation spread much quicker than it does in the comics and was brought to the …

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OK I am officially starting prep for NaNo, I fully intend to have another win seeing as my last one was 3 years ago and I haven’t tried since.

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I never named this…

John rests his forehead on McKay’s shoulder, hands drift down to his thigh. Sliding roughly on sweat slick crease, the gun callused hand moves upwards. Over softly curving stomach, finely muscled abs, His hand arches. Just tips of the fingers, oh so gently, walking up the centre of the sternum. Falling into the dip at …

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