PickingupEllen is a fanfiction writer and fanartist from Scotland who no longer lives in the sticks.

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  3. Find Someone to Carry You – Epilogue — 4 comments
  4. Alone, at last — 3 comments
  5. An Essay on Becoming Connor Davids by Race-the-Ace — 2 comments

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Ice Cream

Ice Cream   He liked his ice cream hard always eating from the inside out daintily rolling tiny coils on to the tip of the spoon. She only ate it soft waiting for it to melt and slowly scooping out the edges, in huge squishy blobs, as it melted. Eventually they would meet on the …

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Dragons When Tosh first arrived at Torchwood she was claustrophobic, prisoners’ mental health hardly being top of the agenda in UNIT’s maximum security compound. The level between the archives and the cells contains a housing block, a remnant of stricter times; Tosh lived there for a time healing. To her the dragon had always been …

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Find someone to carry you art

Exhale and inhale art

An Essay on Becoming Connor Davids by Race-the-Ace

Before I start I would like to say – Race-the-Ace – Thank you for writing such a brilliant story and sharing it with the fandom. (I love your other stories too!) I can’t remember when I first came across ‘Becoming Connor Davids” by Race-the -Ace but it was one of those stories that just hit …

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Rodney returns opening the door to find Carson reading some medical book with John flattened between him and the wall. His shoulder is resting on Carson’s hip, face down, his head resting on Carson stomach. Quiet words pass between them, not a conversation as such more a verbal reassurance to both of them. Rodney clears …

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The great debate

To post or not to post. the real answer is that I shouldn’t post any of my nano, it desperatly needs a beta and a few re-writes but I have lost momnetum on it and I’m not really sure that it makes a huge amount of sense. the story makes sence the lot makes sense …

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There is a freedom in flight, a freedom that John has never felt before. In childhood he was trapped by his mother’s illness and as a teenager by the military. It is now, in the years that most learn how to ply their trade, go to university and complain that freedom is gone, that John …

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It takes a full ten minutes to reach the bottom of the shaft. Ten minutes alone in a steel coated, lead-lined box. By time he was half way down John was reaching out mentally to find someone, anyone, a single string of emotion. By the bottom John was shaking with the need to connect. He …

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Hello Again…

As John walked through the halls towards the flight deck he let his mind flick over the order he had just been given for hints of who he was going to find next to the ‘chopper, “Sheppard! Flight orders out to the outpost, come on, haul ass. You don’t wanna keep the general waiting” Jenson …

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