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PickingupEllen is a fanfiction writer and fanartist from Scotland who no longer lives in the sticks.

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Feb 15

EAD – Nebulae and Novae

Evan woke with a harsh gasp, air flooding into his oxygen deprived lungs as body overcame mind. His hands reaching out to grasp the edges of the narrow bed of his new quarters, the fresh additions to the tattoo on his wrist burning as it grated over the sheets. Rolling his face into the pillow …

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Feb 15

EAD- Feathers on the Waves

Feathers on the Waves is the part of my mutant AU that I stalled on. I wrote myself into a corner where either I went full spaceopera or did a giant time leap and went “and then they were in Pegasus *waves hands in a don’t look at the giant gap kinda way*” After…4 years(?) …

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Jan 23

You Can’t Weld a Body – Part Two

Part two Steve curled his fingers into the stretched tight undershirt as he waited for the doctors to prod him over to the next exam. Colonel Philips was leaning by the door, arms folded and his ever-present frown particularly deep, as he waited for the doctors to declare themselves done. “Sir, do you know what …

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Jan 17

You Can’t Weld a Body – Part One

Part One Georgie slammed a fist into Steve’s face, careful to avoid breaking anything, and waited as he crashed into the wall at the end of the alley. She sighed and rolled her eyes as the skinny man spat blood onto the filthy alley floor, pulled his hands back up, and rolled his shoulders before …

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Oct 10

Weep not for what I have lost. – Part two

Part Two TJ paced in hallway of the townhouse carefully practicing greetings in an uncharacteristically nervous manner, the month of abstinence leaving him twitchy and anxious. He ran a hand over his forehead and with a groan of annoyance he paced over to the bathroom tugging his tee shirt off as he went. Standing in …

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Oct 10

Weep not for what I have lost. – Part one

Part One “You think this country is gonna applaud me for breaking my wife’s heart? For lying to everyone?” Sean half-shouted, voice cracking, the volume low enough that the neighbours would never know, the end as invisible as the whole damn affair. TJ reached out to wrap a hand around his lover’s solid shoulder comfortingly …

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Aug 16

Flight of Icarus – To Travel the Sky

Chapter 3 – Flight of Icarus(main story page) Note- I started writing this in 2010… I was harassed when I first started posting it because it is a dystopian mutant!verse. This was the story that made me stop posting my stories online, it remains the only story I have seriously considered deleting entirely, from the …

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Aug 13

Madness in Me – Winter soldier Fanvid

  I really think this song (Madness in Me by Skillet) fits the headspace the Winter Soldier has throughout the film (I have a mission, let everything burn, mixed with moments of I remember being something more. The change of pace at the end of the track reflects the confusion, pain and (to a degree) …

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Feb 19



Eet- Regina Spector

My first Steve/Bucky Fan vid.

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